What We Do

WE CARE Palestine consists of three major initiatives for community renewal.

Renewal Team: 

The WE CARE Renewal Team initiative seeks to enlist as many individuals from across the city who will commit to being a caring community. As the Renewal Team grows, community members begin to realize the good that is being done in the community. A whole new perception of our city and its potential will be seen.

The WE CARE Renewal team staff then begins to work with individuals, faith groups, civic groups, businesses and others who desire to serve as leaders to build a safer, stronger and healthier community.

As a member of the WE CARE Renewal Team, you will received a WE CARE sign to place in front of your home or at your business to show you are part of the movement to make Palestine a connect, caring city.

Block Leader Initiative:

WE CARE Palestine believes that friendships with our neighbors must be intentionally developed and nurtured. The Block Leader initiative helps facilitate neighbors to become caring friends—respecting, talking and walking together.

WE CARE Palestine is looking for private citizens in all neighborhoods who are willing to reach out on the block where they live to forge relationships that are more than a passing wave or neighborly hello. These citizens, called Block Leaders, receive training and support to build friendships on their block. They join with other Block Leaders from across the city on a regular basis to develop relationships with neighbors across the city.

Friendship House Initiative:

Because of poverty and lack of resources, some neighborhoods in our city need special help through the Friendship House Initiative.

Built in an area of special need, the Friendship House serves as a center for community connection and for programs such as after-school enrichment for children/youth, life-skills training, family night gatherings and other activities which offer residents a better quality of life. The Community Coordinator and his/her family live in the Friendship House and become catalysts for rebuilding a safe, caring neighborhood where children are nurtured and can feel safe.

Our ultimate goal is to build and staff two Friendship Houses in our city’s most vulnerable neighborhoods.